Domain investor not allowed to sleep at night when she receives paypal payment in her bank account

Indicating the ruthlessness of the government agencies in committing human rights abuses on online exporters from india, the domain investor is not allowed to sleep at night, whenever she receives paypal payment in her indian bank account
These human rights abuses,sleep deprivation is the real reason why government agencies, allegedly r&aw/cbi should end their massive FINANCIAL, ONLINE FRAUD of falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees like panaji goan gsb fraud housewife ROBBER riddhi nayak caro only COOKING, CLEANING for her crooked husband CHEATER caro, working in security agencies, greedy gurugram cheater ruchita kinge, greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, who do not spend time, are doing computer work and stop CRIMINALLY DEFAMING the real online exporter, torturing her whenever she receives online payment