Government employees ROBBERY of online advertising revenues discourages indian exporters

usually in every sector, the owner of the media channel is getting all the revenues from advertising since they are investing a large amount of time, money in hardware,equipment and content creation
Yet taking advantage of the lack of transparency in government agencies in the internet sector, it appears that well paid indian government employees who get a very good salary, pension, BRIBES and do not pay any expenses are ROBBING the online advertising revenues of small online business owners making a big loss without a legally valid reason.
The government employees have been allowed to keep any amount of the advertising revenues without being questioned at all
The domain investor noticed when one ad network she joined started providing detailed information about each page view she was being paid. After some time, the domain investor noticed that the page views were not being shown for days or most hours in the day.
So she realized that the page views were being credited to someone else , so instead of showing ads when she was not getting credit, she removed most of the ads. When the domain investor removed the ad code to avoid being ROBBED, her revenues have decreased,
yet it is better not to show ads and not get paid instead of showing ads and not getting paid because a well paid indian government employee who does not pay any expenses is ROBBING the advertising revenues.