Sanctions have affected the hegemony of the US $

The united states is the most powerful country in the world, and most international trade is conducted in US $. Yet US is imposing sanctions on hostile countries and people it does not like, with the domain investor having almost no growth from US websites
Realizing this countries which are facing sanctions are moving away from the US$ . For example while in india top officials like j srinivasan are only focussing on their favorite call girls, the top officials in russia have managed to isolate their internet from the United states
The russians have also managed to attract people from countries in the vicinity like Iran, Turkey, Bangladesh
The domain investor realized that she will not get any thing more from most of the US websites despite working very hard, investing a large amount of money , so she is also spending her time on russian websites and making a small amount in rubles
So while in 2021, Payeer did not have any ruble section, now the domain investor can get ruble payment as frequently as she wishes, since the russians are far more generous than the US websites, allow withdrawal for 1 ruble, and the value of the the russian ruble is less than one US dollar .