Webinar on Reduce Import Landed Cost- CAROTAR 2020

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Webinar on

Reduce Import Landed Cost

Wrt FTA & PTA Countries & CAROTAR 2020


16th June 2023

02:00 PM to 05:00 PM


Mr. SM Chaturvedi

International Trade Expert



During past decade gradually Indian Economy has tried to integrate itself with Global Economy. The Liberalized Policy, followed has led to Increase in imports. The process has been further augmented by reduction in Tariffs and simplified Foreign Trade Policy. The measures listed above have made local market competitive in respect of import items. Hence every importer tries to minimize the landed cost of import items. One way to make imports cost effective is to effect imports from those countries with which India has Free/Preferential Trade Agreements. Such imports either eliminate the import duty element or reduce it substantially. This leads to reduced landed cost of imports.

At present there are Free Trade Agreements in existence with 19 countries and Preferential Trade Agreements with 107 countries.


The objective of this programme is to acquaint the participants with nuances of operating under Free/Preferential Trade Agreements.

For Whom:-

The programme would be of use and interest to all importers and professionals connected with International Business.


ü Concepts

ü List of Countries under FTA

ü List of Countries under PTA

ü Structure of Customs Tariff

ü Import Documents

ü Customs Correlation

ü Tariff Classification & Tools

ü Computation of Landed Cost of Import

ü Determination & Certification of Country of Origin Rules, governing Trade under FTA / PTA countries.

ü Finance Bill 2023-24 – FTA / PTA

ü Carator – 2020 & Imports under FTA / PTA

ü Miscellaneous

Special Feature –

The Country of Origin Rules governing imports from countries under FTA / PTA have been significantly revised on 21st August, 2020. Accordingly the webinar will be based on this new significant change.

Profile of Faculty

Mr. SM Chaturvedi – International Trade Expert


Mr. SM Chaturvedi is a management consultant in International Business besides being a visiting faculty with leading Institutes of Management in India. He is corporate trainer and Motivational speaker who has conducted more than 5900 seminars on all India bases besides over 310 In-company Training Programs. He possesses over 21 years of corporate experience and over 37 years of consultancy experience catering to corporate client.

He is also a consultant in the field of Foreign Trade Policy, Export-Import Customs, Exchange Control Regulations and Industrial Policy, FEMA, Laws of Weights and Measures.


You should have good internet connection and good quality headphone/speaker set with Laptop / Desktop.

You should have notepad/pen to note down important points.

How to Register:

Fees: Per Person

Rs. 4500/-

USD 91


18% GST is applicable


> Mode of Payment: NEFT /Paytm / Credit Card/ GPAY

> Fees include certificate of participation & Course Material.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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